One devilishly handsom researcher in a suit and hipster looking glasses stands in front of an academic building. But not one of those buildings that's really pretty and steeped in history -- more like one that is more utilitarian than pretty and definitely doesn't have windows for the grad student offices.

I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the Machine Intelligence and Visualization department at Sandia National Laboratories.

I hold a PhD (2021) and master's degree (2019) in communication from Ohio State University. I also studied at the University of Missouri, where I graduated with honors in Communication (2012).

My research interests encompass many areas of communication, including social networks, the dissemination and processing of information, and communication technology. I use computational methods including network, automated content analyses, and agent-based simulation to investigate the rich tapestry of social behavior.

In addition to this work, I have conducted research which includes game theoretic network experiments and psychophysiological measures. I am a member of the Communication and Cognitive Systems Lab at OSU.

For more detailed information about my professional background please see my CV.