I have taught several classes in my graduate career at Ohio State — they range in size from 15 to 350. I especially enjoy teaching research methods courses or lecturing on methods in non-methods-centered classes, as guiding students' passions in scientific endeavor is rewarding. As part of my industry research methods classes, I developed a content analysis example which you can try out for yourself here. Please see my course history below:

Summer 2020

Comm 3163 – Industry Research Methods

Instructor of Record

Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Comm 3163 – Industry Research Methods

Graduate Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Instructor

Spring 2016

Comm 2367 – Persuasive Communication

Instructor of Record


Fall 2015

Comm 3333 – Crisis Communication

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Students' evaluation of instruction

"I really enjoyed Matt. He was always prepared for class. The phrase 'Prepared for class' encompasses a lot of things. He was the first one there and the last one to leave everyday. He took class room material seriously and had multiple examples ready for theories we were discussing. This was my second time taking this class, the last lecturer I had was good but Matt was great. He was prepared to meet outside of office hours to help me in crafting a more persuasive message. He was very quick in responding to emails. He may need to work on his voice inflection during class and maybe more demanding as far as class participation. I as a student like a more firm demanding teacher, others do not. I appreciate the class material and will recommend this class to other students and will brag about having Matt Sweitzer as my Instructor."- Comm 2367, instructor of record, Spring 2016
"He did a great job. Every day he would set the standard for what was going to be happening that day, and he really gave a lot of freedom to the students to learn. I appreciated that because if there were to be any questions, he would provide intriguing thoughts. He graded fairly when there were presentations or assignments and furthered our education by providing extra examples. I really enjoyed going to his portion of the class!"-Comm 3163, laboratory instructor, Spring 2019
"I learned the material better in the lab than I did in class most of the time. Whenever I needed help, Matt was understanding and would explain in multiple different ways until you understood. I am extremely thankful for all the help I received this semester."-Comm 3163, laboratory instructor, Spring 2019